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X-Ray + Magnification of a PIC16F877A in DIP-40 Packaging

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I’ve used plenty of PIC16F877A’s over the years; it’s my usual goto chip for breadboard prototypes of simple micro-controlled systems. The chip in DIP-40 packaging like this:

I was curious one day, so I stuck a chip into an X-Ray machine and took pictures at different magnifications. The actual silicon is centered in the plastic packaging. The external pin legs are wire-bonded to the silicon wafer. After seeing the construction of the large-size DIP packaging, it makes perfect sense how the same chip design can be produced in many different package sizes. Unfortunately the X-Ray machine I used did not have the resolving power to see the individual features in the silicon (that would have been cool!)

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September 16th, 2011 at 9:41 pm

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